Most people trying to buy a house understand the need to undergo a building and pest inspection, but many people looking to buy an apartment need clarification if they should do the same thing. You should keep in mind that seven out of ten newly constructed buildings will have some flaws. Having this kind of inspection completed before purchasing any property is a smart move.

A Generalised Building Inspection

It would be foolish to purchase a property without first having a professional building and pest inspection performed. You should know the general condition of a home or apartment before you buy or rent it, after all.

A building inspector is trained to recognise dangerous conditions in a dwelling and can see past superficial fixes. The final report will typically detail any problems found with the property and provide an opinion on whether or not those problems are fixable. If they aren’t beyond economical repair, the inspection report will detail the necessary expenditures.

In addition, the report on the building and pest inspection will include any alterations made without proper permits and could pose a safety risk to the occupants.

The Significance of Building and Pest Inspection in Apartments

Remember that the scope of the inspector’s report is limited to the apartment’s interior and the regions included in the sale once you schedule a pre-purchase building inspection (i.e. car parking space). This means that the hallways, lobbies, and elevator lobbies will not be covered. A corporate body would be in charge of these tasks. The term “strata title” is used to describe this arrangement.

The building inspector will inspect the apartment unit for signs of wear and tear, such as water damage and leaks. Poor quality materials, dated or inefficient interior design and shoddy construction are the usual culprits behind these two costly issues. Even while leaks don’t appear to be a big deal on paper, fixing them will cause you a lot of stress and cost you a lot of money.

A poorly built balcony can also lead to leaks if the drainage point becomes clogged, the sealant fails, or a tile cracks. Don’t forget that your apartment’s dampness problems stem not just from the inside, with rising dampness, but also from the outside, with falling dampness.

Water damage is not just an inconvenience but also a potential threat to your well-being. After moving in, the presence of mould caused by water leaks is a major health risk. If water were to seep into the electrical connections, it would pose another potential threat to the public’s well-being. It can be quite costly to replace the galvanised water pipes in solid walls of older homes with copper or poly pipes because of the inevitable rusting that will occur.

A building and pest inspector will also look out for the possibility of termites. The thing is, if there are termites in the apartment you intend to buy, you will be responsible for fixing the problem. Doing a thorough termite examination is essential if you want to avoid spending a fortune exterminating these wood-eating parasites.


Overall, apartments should most definitely undergo building and pest inspections prior to being rented out to tenants. By doing so, landlords can ensure that their units are up to code and free of any pests or other infestations. This benefits not only the tenant but also the landlord in the long run.

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