Building and Pest Inspection Logan

Get the full picture of a Logan property before you buy

When you’re looking at buying a property either to live in or to rent out, it’s important that you get a complete understanding of its condition before you commit.

In Logan on Brisbane’s southside, it’s also critical to thoroughly check if a house has a problem with termites or other pests. You might not think it’s a big deal now, or that you can fix the problem yourself in future. Don’t be tempted!

If the property has wooden foundations, frame, or floorboards, it’s a good idea to contact Trimax Building Inspections for a thorough building and pest inspection before your contract goes unconditional. 

Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection Logan

A pre-purchase building inspection will assess a property’s condition and identify any areas of concern, including existing defects. You should remember though that it’s not a warranty against future defects that may appear.

Your building inspector will look at everything from the condition of the roof, to whether the walls feature cracks or rising damp, right down to the foundations. Our report will include information on whether any faults we discover can be repaired, and an indication of how much these repairs might cost.

Our Trimax building inspectors can also check for pest damage and activity during the inspection. Though it costs a little extra, it’s a very good idea when you consider the extensive damage that termites and other pests can potentially cause in your new home if they’re not discovered.

Advanced technology offering amazingly accurate pest detection

At Trimax we’re serious about offering you the most accurate pest inspection and reporting possible. We use the Termatrac T3i All Sensor to look for termites and other pests in three ways: using radar, moisture sensors, and thermal sensors.

The radar uses low-energy microwaves to “see through walls” and detect pest activity. Its moisture sensors find wet areas (a key indicator of termite activity) inside wood, gyprock, roofing, plaster, brick, and concrete. And its thermal sensor detects any abnormal changes in temperature that point to pest activity.

Our senior building inspector Glenn has completed his T3i Certification Training and is completely certified to use this cutting-edge technology with precision. With the Termatrac T3i you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing your pest inspection is thorough and accurate.

How long does a building and pest inspection take?

We’ll carry out your pre-purchase building inspection in around one to two hours. To make the process as hassle-free as possible for you, we’ll even arrange access to the property through your vendor or the real estate agent.

Then within 24 hours of our inspection, we’ll send you through a building and pest report that takes you through our findings – and what you can do about them. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If your building and pest inspection report does identify any concerns, we’ll suggest you get in touch with an appropriate expert – such as an electrician, plumber, or engineer – for a more detailed evaluation before you make your final decision whether to go ahead with your property purchase or not.

How much does a building and pest inspection cost?

The cost of your inspection will vary depending on the size of the property. More bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms will simply take more time for our inspectors to do a thorough job! Any sheds and external buildings may also be extra.

After you get our building and pest report and talk through the results with us, you’ll have the information you need to be able to negotiate the price with the seller.

When you consider that a large undiscovered issue with the home could cost you thousands of dollars to fix, the cost of a building and pest inspection is a small price to pay for peace-of-mind.

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