Whether you own a home or commercial property, there’s nothing more rewarding than becoming a building owner. It’s a valuable investment that can offer financial stability, security, and the potential for long-term growth. Owning a building can also be a lucrative endeavour that allows owners to pass their properties down to future generations. 

However, becoming a responsible owner goes beyond offering an excellent place to stay. You must also prepare yourself for annual building inspections, as most state and local regulations mandate it. This necessary step ensures the building’s condition complies with codes, and it can provide a healthy and safe space for residents. 

This article will discuss the similar elements you can expect during building inspections. We’ll also tackle your primary responsibilities as a property owner. 

What Will Inspectors Check for During Exterior Inspections?

Maintaining a building’s exterior is crucial, especially if you constantly experience harsh weather conditions. Besides the aesthetic appeal, regular maintenance can protect the establishment from the elements, reflect its purpose and style, and improve its energy efficiency. 

During exterior building inspections, your inspector will check the walls, windows, and equipment for cracks and damages. They’ll also analyse the condition of your stairs, handrails, and paved surfaces to ensure they’re in good repair. Moreover, the experts check if the lighting, security systems, and building identification are functional and visible.

What Will Experts Analyse during Interior Inspections?

Your building’s interior is just as essential as your exterior, as it’s crucial for creating functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Besides creating a professional image, a well-maintained inside can significantly impact the occupant’s health and well-being. One of the best ways to ensure it remains in good condition is to schedule a regular property inspection. 

Inspectors conduct regular interior inspections to ensure your property’s essential systems are in good repair and working correctly. These systems include your electrical, heating and cooling, fire protection, and safety devices. You can ensure everything’s functional and secure by scheduling regular maintenance and inspections. Although these services may initially be costly, they will be worth it once you pass the building inspections, enjoy higher energy efficiency, and have a functioning system for longer. 

What Can I Expect During a Plumbing Inspection?

A functional plumbing system is crucial for any building, as it provides clean drinking water, improves health and safety, increases property value, and minimises water wastage. Being a responsible business owner means separately conducting plumbing inspections from other interior checkups, as the state of your building’s plumbing system can significantly impact the occupants’ safety and well-being. 

The inspector will check that toilets, faucets, and plumbing fixtures work correctly and if the drain systems are free from obstructions. They’ll also see if your plumber maintained your water heaters and repaired the leaks. Moreover, these experts will ensure your water pressure is adequate for the building’s needs. 

Why Should Building Owners Schedule Regular Roof Inspections?

Regardless of what property you own, your building’s roof is essential, as they protect the people and objects inside the establishment. Besides being unsightly, a damaged roof can allow water or other precipitation to enter the room and damage the items inside. You should also add roof checkups to your routine building inspections to ensure it’s strong enough to support various equipment like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Building Owner?

Once the inspectors finish checking your building, you must make prompt repairs and correct the mentioned violations. You should also maintain the building’s physical structure according to the applicable codes and regulations and meet occupancy and use requirements. 

To Sum Up 

Becoming a responsible building owner means ensuring the occupants’ safety and well-being. You can create a comfortable home or business by scheduling regular maintenance and annual building inspections. 

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