You want to be certain you’re purchasing a home that is structurally solid, has no pest issues, and has generally been maintained before you sign any contracts. You must undertake pest and building inspections to accomplish that.

It’s not required to do these inspections, so some skip them to save time and money. Pre-purchase inspections can be expensive, but they can be well worth the expense if they reveal a problem with the house. 

When purchasing a property, you must also personally evaluate the area and have a final inspection right before closing. Continue reading to get an idea of which inspections are useful to home buyers.

Onsite Inspection

Open inspections allow prospective purchasers the chance to look over the property and voice their opinions. They typically last for about 30 minutes and are a terrific way for you to learn about the general features and quality of a property.

If at all possible, bring a friend or family member with you when inspecting a house. A fresh set of eyes can assist in spotting potential problems and flaws that you might otherwise miss.

Structure Inspection

A certified builder, a surveyor, or an architect can provide a professional building inspection report. The expert you hire to write the report will examine the property for any structural flaws or other problems that an untrained eye might notice, including rising dampness. 

The inspector will make sure the structure complies with Australian building regulations.

Professional inspectors can spot harmful renovations and repairs in addition to cosmetic ones, reducing the possibility of unforeseen damages in the future. You can negotiate for a lesser price by being aware of a property’s drawbacks.

Before contracts are exchanged, building inspections are typically conducted, allowing you to see issues that could cost a lot of money to fix down the road. You may withdraw your offer if the building inspection report identifies serious problems with the property. 

You should hire a professional who is not affiliated with the seller rather than one who is suggested or offered by them.

Inspections for Pests

A pest inspection can help you avoid thousands of dollars in potential future repairs, much as a building inspection can. This kind of examination is necessary when you buy a property if you reside in a location where termites or other pests are a problem.

Before you exchange contracts, a pest inspection should be performed; occasionally, a building and pest inspection can be combined.

Strata Inspection

Because the unit’s foundations are shared by a huge complex and you likely don’t have an accessible roof cavity, it is more difficult to evaluate the structure when purchasing a unit or apartment.

You can purchase strata reports online. It will provide you with crucial details about the entire strata complex, such as the corporate body’s financial situation and any current problems with the structure or a tenant.

Inspection before Settlement

One of the last phases in the purchasing and settling of real estate is a pre-settlement inspection. This is the last inspection before you officially become the owner of the property; it frequently occurs on the same day as settlement. 

It is also known as the last inspection or the pre-purchase inspection.

According to the customary contract of sale standards, sellers must surrender the property at settlement in the same state that it was in on the day the transaction was finalised. Before making a purchase, buyers should enquire as to what is included in the sale to avoid confusion later on.

The seller will be in breach of the contract if there is a significant problem with the property, which gives you the right to postpone settlement until the problem is satisfactorily resolved.


Before purchasing a house, it is essential to arrange pre-purchase property inspections. This reduces the possibility of future problems and may give you an advantage when negotiating a price with the vendor.

Trimax Building Inspections can conduct an excellent home inspection in Balmoral. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, we will give you the professional building and pest inspection report you need. 

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