You’re looking for a new home. You’ve found the perfect place, and you just know it will be love at first sight—except for one thing: The house has been vacant for years. It needs some work, sure, but that won’t be too much of a problem since you can do the repairs yourself, right?

Unfortunately, a vacant house is like a blank canvas. It’s free to be painted any way you want, but it can also mean that it’s filled with pests and other unwelcome guests. You may not notice these invaders until it’s too late, but an inspection by a professional inspector can help you find out about them before you take possession of your new home.

Why Secure a Building and Pest Inspection?

Building and pest inspections are vital for any property purchase. They can help you identify problems with a home’s structure and highlight issues that may affect its value.

It’s also a way for you to be sure that any defects or issues with the property are identified before you buy so you can negotiate with the seller on how to fix them. Sometimes, it might mean pulling out of negotiations altogether if there are too many issues to resolve.

When to Secure Building and Pest Inspection?

The building and pest inspection is an important step in securing your property. The following are the best times to get your building and pest inspection completed:

  • Before Purchasing a Property

Building and pest inspection should be carried out before you buy a property. This will give you time to make any repairs or negotiate with the seller if problems are found. If there isn’t enough time for this, consider getting an interim report. It can be done quickly and cheaply – usually within 24 hours of inspection – so you can still proceed with your plans if it doesn’t show any significant issues.

  • Pre-Selling a Property

If you decide to sell your home, it’s a good idea to get an inspection done before listing it for sale. This will give you an idea of what repairs need to be done and if any major issues could affect your property’s price or value.

If the inspection reveals problems with your home, you can use this information when negotiating with potential buyers. If an inspection shows that a repair is needed but not urgent, it’s best to put off making it until after you move out so that you don’t have any unexpected costs while trying to sell.

  • Regular Check-Up

A building should have a check-up from time to time. This is to avoid any costly problems that can be prevented by taking a proactive approach to maintenance. The inspection will help identify any issues with the property and enable you to make repairs or improvements before they become serious problems.

This is particularly important if you live in an older home. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that something will go wrong with your property. You may also need a check-up every time there’s been a change of ownership.


Hiring a professional inspector is one of the best ways to ensure your home is safe and free from pests. These professionals can help you find any structural problems, hidden hazards or any other issues that could emerge in the future. And when it comes to pests, an inspection can help you discover if any critters are living in your walls before they become a problem.

If you plan to have a building and pest inspection in Brisbane before buying, Trimax Building Inspection can help you make the right decision. We have extensive experience in building and pest inspections and are fully qualified to provide you with a comprehensive report with all the information you need. Contact us today!